Greater Opportunity

>Greater Thought is a design and marketing agency in Minneapolis

We Create Solutions for Growth

>Greater Thought is a design and marketing agency in Minneapolis

We Create Solutions for Growth

Strategy & Thought-Leadership

Branding, Design & Advertising

Websites & Digital Marketing

Relationship Management & Business Integration

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RN360° Media

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Pure Opulence

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A >Greater Idea

We are all doers, who enjoy the work we do. The people you meet are the people who are doing your work. >Greater Thought is a collective of skilled thought-leaders in the marketing, design and advertising industries who’ve come together to provide exactly what our name implies>> greater thought.

Bryan Mann-Entzel

Creative Lead

Sara Harrell

Client Success Lead

Mitch Granholm

Website & Digital Design Lead

Cole Mann-Entzel

Account & Project Management

Get more visibility through strategy

Brand visibility is the single, most powerful message that a consumer can receive

Strategy & Thought Leadership are the keys to getting your brand more visibility.

Design & Advertising

59% of consumers prefer to buy from brands familiar to them.

Find ways to stand out with a solid brand building process through strategic design & advertising.

Websites and digital marketing projects

Your website is your 24/7 sales person

We design and develop conversion-optimised websites. Great design and strategy is key to a successful website that works for your business and its customers.

Building business through relationships & integrations

Only about 5% of companies are reaping the greatest benefits of design.

Utilize your brand assets to guide customers through your sales funnels and yield better sales. Relationship management and business integration are the keys to leveraging all of your greatest brand assets.