Branding & E-Commerce Website Development

>Greater Thought was tasked with bringing Emerald and Opal Enchantments to life through a logo design and an e-commerce website built on the WordPress CMS. The company specializes in helping you regain your sacred space by creating moments of enchantment with pretty handmade items that help you relax and enhance your mind, body, and spirit. Specifically, Emerald and Opal Enchantments creates and sells items such as wind chimes, sun catchers, wearables, & things for around the home. Things that you can look at; Things to make you feel good.

Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Establish the brand look and a tagline
  2. Stand up an e-commerce website that communicates the proper messaging and is the main storefront
  3. Build the website to allow for future expansions including the potential to add a subscriptions based system to sell subscription boxes
  4. A contact portal for collaborating creators looking to sell their products through Emerald and Opal Enchantments