Building on a Legacy

of Passion for Beekeeping

Homestead Honey Farm

A passion born from a legacy of being beekeepers first.

Our team has been consumers of Homestead Honey Farm’s honey for more than 10 years, so when they said they were interested in working together, we jumped at the chance to work with a brand that we’ve come to love. Their team’s passion for their bees, the quality they commit to, and the idea that running an apiary is more than just the product (honey) that is produced, really inspired us. It is about supporting our pollinators and running a responsible/sustainable business, which aligns with many of our own values as an agency as well.

The approach for the website was to capture that earthy flair that the brand embodies and to really feature the bees. Some of the initial inspiration came from an original painting of the farmstead. As a result, we worked to shape the brand, packaging, and website to feel like you were “stepping into an artist’s sketchbook”–filled with textures and touches of hand-colored drawings. The end product is a whimsical site full of legacy, teachable perspectives, and room to grow. We think the bees would be proud!


  • Logo refresh
  • Brand asset development
  • E-commerce website design & development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Category audit and target audience
  • Photography
  • Tagline & positioning statements
  • Brand manual
  • Content Development/Writing
  • Social media graphics
  • Social media strategy
  • Package labels

A Family Owned Brand

Homestead Apiaries is a 2nd generation honey farm, boasting more than 50 years of continuous production of some of the finest honey around. Homestead Apiaries and the Homestead Honey Farm label entrusted >Greater Thought to honor their past, while bringing their brand into the future.

The first Homestead Honey Farm logo was based on an original painting by Dave Behlke in the late 1970s. The mission with the updated logo was to carry forward the original artwork without losing the heritage look of the brand.



Telling a

Brand Story

The History

Homestead Honey Farm, or as it was first known, Homestead Apiaries, was started in 1972 by Bob and Betty Jo Behlke. Today, their son, Corey Behlke has taken over the farm and is carrying on their legacy. >Greater Thought was honored to help Corey and Homestead Honey Farm bring to life their over 50 years of history producing of some of the finest honey around.

A Passion

for Beekeeping

The Bees

At Homestead Apiaries, the bees are the heroes. To produce a single pound of honey, bees make 50,000 to 70,000 trips to the hive with nectar and pollen–averaging 1-2 miles per trip or further. That is a distance equal to three trips around the earth, just for one pound of honey. That is the reason Homestead Honey Farm and >Greater Thought have such a love for the bees.

The goal for this section of the website was to bring awareness to the miraculous things bees do, and the incredible art form that is beekeeping.

A Dedication

to Quality

The Honey

The honey produced by Homestead Apiaries is classified as Grade-A Fancy. Their honey is 100% raw and has never been cooked. This preserves the natural enzymes, probiotics, pollens, and characteristics of the honey. The honey varies slightly during different times of the season, but it is consistently characterized by its blonde color and velvety texture. The honey remains spreadable as it sugars consist of larger crystals, unlike a honey that has been heated. Corey is very particular about the honey as it is selected and processed, to ensure a high standard of quality and consistent color, texture, and flavor. At the end of the day, it’s all about the honey!

Some Like It HOT!

Some of the

Finest Honey Around