Our Mission

>Greater Thought is devoted to being a valued partner to our clients, and producing top-notch work that is strategy-driven, inspired, goal focused and results oriented to create success for our clients, our team and our community.

This is a different kind of organization.

>Greater Thought is a collaboration that came together naturally out of identifying a need. The ability to do what we each do well, without a box around us. We are all doers, who enjoy the work we do but heard a call from across the pass, to clear the clutter. The people you meet are the people who are doing your work.

What’s more, it matters far less where we are… we are in “the cloud”, able to work with clients anywhere and do our creative magic from where we each are most productive. We have built a complete capability out of like-minded individuals who do great work, creating smart content and have a desire to think and innovate. In bringing this team and our talents together, we created a dimensional service that can be scaled to meet the needs of today’s clients.

Regardless of your needs, we’ve got this. Seriously!

Our Driving Principles:
We are PROs!

What does that mean when we say we are PROs? It means we are seasoned professionals driven to think and be better than the average agency. It also means we are client focused. PROs is an acronym for our guiding principles that explain why we do what we do.


We look for and provide you, our client, fresh perspective that will help move you forward and differentiate you. Perspective keeps us relevant, helps us survey our surroundings and informs us to make beneficial decisions about the trajectory of where we are going.


When we place an emphasis on respect, we level the playing field between ourselves and our clients. We are not a group of large egos, we are here with a purpose, and that purpose is to help and guide you. We respect your thoughts, time and money, and aim to be respectful and responsible with our work.


We are always on the look-out for growth opportunities for our clients, to increase their reach, and to amplify their message. Even when it is not our charge, if we believe there is an opportunity for you, we bring it to light and let you know that we are thinking proactively about your business, as a good partner.


Driven by our desire to do better, and be better than our own counterparts in the industry, we aim to grow and refine who we are, to be of better service than what you have experienced with others. Evolution is a gradual process. As an organization we intend to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday. We promise you mutual trust, authenticity and transparency.

The Team

Bryan Mann-Entzel

Creative Lead, Strategist & Brand Storyteller

Sara Harrell

Client Success Lead, Strategy & Communication

Mitch Granholm

Website & Digital Design Lead, Strategist

Extended Team

Marty Harris

Contract Illustration


Eric Warner

Audio Specialist, Voice-overs, Music

Jay Hopkins

Copywriter, Editor

Dana Mason

Sr. Designer and Innovator

When we say we are committed to being different we mean that.

40% of our team is currently female.
40% of our team is currently LGBTQ.
Remote Work100%
100% of our team works remotely and we don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon. That enables us an immense amount of flexibility but still the ability to work collaboratively too. We understand today’s cyber landscape.
We collectively possess more than 100 years of combined industry experience and are all active in the work.
We have 2 college-level adjunct instructors on our team

And to highlight a few causes our team is passionate about or support

  • We believe in mentoring, life-long learning and being good listeners
  • Encouraging diversity in our industry. When a team better represents the make-up of society, we reach our target audiences in a more equitable way.
  • Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation
  • Mental Health, Wellness and Suicide Prevention
  • Animal rescues
  • Assistance for homeless youth, and combatting youth abuse
  • Women’s, LGBTQ, and Minority equality
  • We are passionate about combatting climate change through good environmental stewardship
  • We believe we need to protect our pollinators-Save the Bees!
  • Several of our team members are also involved in their local communities as volunteers at organizations they are passionate about.

Trusted Partners

Silkscreening & Engraving

Women owned and operated