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Homestead Honey Farm

We love working with brands that align with our mission and vision, and there is no better example of this than our most recent collaboration with Homestead Honey Farm.

Homestead Honey Farm is a 2nd generation honey farm, proud of the work they do and their history of over 50 years. Devoted to quality, the art of beekeeping and, their heroes, the bees. We worked closely with their team to provide them with everything they needed to refresh their brand in a way that stays true to its roots and also resonates with today’s consumer

Building a website that effectively shares their passion and product with their audience was a must.

We are beekeepers first

From there, we added intuitive navigation with updated functions and a crisp yet cozy feel. Sticking to the original branding basics, we focused on what could be added. For their logo, there was a focus on adding more contrasting coloration and elevated details and translated this refreshed design into their new packaging, shown below.

At >Greater Thought we know that a website can’t just look good, it has to work well. Website development with the added ability to join the growing e-commerce space was a must. Homestead Honey Farm’s website is now optimized to serve its business goal of reaching a larger audience than previously possible through SEO optimization paired with online sales.

With updated photography and social media strategy, we crafted a variety of social media content that complemented their new website and reflected their updated logo.

Homestead Honey Farm is now equipped with a user-centered website, marketing strategy, and brand manual that is unique to its goals, audience, and story.

Other Key Deliverables:

  • Category audit and target audience
  • Tagline and positioning statements
  • Content Development/Writing

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