Scleroderma Warriors

What is Scleroderma?

Skleh – ruh – dur – muh

Scleroderma is rare diseases that involves the hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues.

Scleroderma occurs in women more often than men and most commonly occurs between the ages of 30 and 50. While there is no cure for scleroderma, a variety of treatments can ease symptoms and improve quality of life.

The Scleroderma Warriors Project is a program which connects those in need of support and direction with other warriors who are experiencing or have experienced a similar journey.

The scope of work for this project included:

Website Design and Development
  • Forum with custom user profiles
  • Online donations portal
  • Help and resources section
  • Categorized blog feeds
  • Events promotions
  • Online ticketing system
  • Logo refinements
  • Animal totem design
  • Content curation
Digital Marketing and Promotions
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Content creation
  • Custom designs and illustrations
  • Logo design
  • Press release

Organizing a Brand Culture

Scleroderma Warrior Totems

The Warrior

The Warrior is created by the adversity they’ve faced. Their strength and virtue come from those around them; those who have shown them the way. The animal totems of Scleroderma Warriors are here to surround, guide and equip you for the journey ahead. While you may not yet see yourself as a warrior, you will find your strength, and we will be here for you.

Family, Friends and Advocates

Represents the coming of love and wisdom. There is never a rush to learn or make hasty decisions. The fox’s instincts are sharp and represent learning.

Information and Wellness

Represents introspection, strength, spiritual journey and the strength and confidence to stand against adversity. The bear stands beside you and gives you the strength to fight.

News and Community


The red cardinal represents a unique and distinctive voice, his song, easily heard.  Cardinals symbolizes self-awareness; listening to your inner voice, recognizing your power and experiencing the lasting joy of life and the wisdom it creates.

Grant Program

Represents the deep connection to wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge. The owl is known for sharp vision, keen observations and to possess insight and intuition. See beyond the superficial.

Donations and Sponsorship

Represents peace and serenity as it poses no threat when you see it. The deer is beguiling and symbolizes understanding, kindness, gratefulness, benevolence and charity.

A website designed to connect,
a brand built to inspire.

SclerodermaWarriors.org is built to provide scleroderma patients, their caretakers and loved ones an opportunity to connect, share experiences, give hope and offer/receive mentorship through community forums. The website also serves as a launch pad for the Scleroderma Warriors Grant Program, as well as fundraising events.

First Annual Scleroderma Warriors Hot Dog Party Fundraiser

>Greater Thought worked with Scleroderma Warriors to promote their first annual Hot Dog Party Fundraiser held in September of 2021. Their goal was to raise $5,000. They exceeded their goal number by thousands of dollars. Every penny of the money raised will go towards raising awareness, providing information, giving support and offering financial assistance to those suffering from scleroderma.

Awareness Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign to build awareness about scleroderma