Bethel Lutheran

Brand Identity & Collateral

Amplifying The Good Word:

>Greater Thought was hired at the start of 2021 to help Bethel Lutheran with a range of outbound marketing initiatives. Their website was in need of some help for SEO (search engine optimization) to help them be found organically by people in the immediate area searching for their services. Additionally, Bethel’s team was eager to learn how to start a comprehensive social media marketing program across Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor. They wanted to learn how to talk about the work that they were doing in a way that would connect with the community as it pertained to outreach marketing, combatting loneliness, environmental stewardship, and promoting diversity and inclusiveness.

As a note, Bethel also worked with our team before the formation of >Greater Thought, to develop their brand.

Greater Thought helped the Bethel team by:

  • Marketing Calendar development, including a Social Media Campaign Framework.
  • Creative Strategic Brief
  • “Identifying your Why” exercise
  • Marketing 101 in-service session
  • Website SEO Hygiene
  • Website content development/support
  • Google My Business profile optimization
  • Google PPC Campaign
  • Google Non-Profit Grant Application
  • Facebook Target Demographic
  • Exterior Signage design & production
  • Interior way-finding/ADA sign-concepts
  • Monthly Direct Mail campaign+content development support
  • Logo and business collateral
  • Internship framework for future support
  • Ongoing marketing, web, and strategy support

Outdoor Signage & Coordinating Web Content:

As part of an initiative around place-sharing and to combat loneliness, Bethel set out to create a host of signs throughout their property to invite visitors and neighbors to explore the different ways they were creating shared spaces and living the good stewardship they teach. This sign program was a year-long project that included not only the signs but educational content on the website and coordinating social media as well.

Post Cards:

Social Graphics: