Scleroderma Warriors – A Top 15 Blog of 2023!

Congratulations to our client Scleroderma Warriors for cracking the top 15 Scleroderma Blogs of 2023!

Scleroderma is rare diseases that involves the hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues.

Scleroderma Warriors partnered with >Greater Thought to produce a website designed to connect, and a brand built to inspire.

SclerodermaWarriors.org is built to provide scleroderma patients, their caretakers and loved ones an opportunity to connect, share experiences, give hope and offer/receive mentorship through community forums. The website also serves as a launch pad for the Scleroderma Warriors Grant Program, as well as fundraising events.

We are proud of our client’s hard work, dedication, and ongoing commitment to provide a valuable resource for those who are effected by Scleroderma. Your top 15 blog ranking is greatly deserved!

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