Apiary Client Wanted

By Bryan Mann-Entzel

Greater Thought Managing Partner. 

I have often heard that the best way to get something to happen for yourself is to manifest it. So that is exactly what we are going to do today. For some time now, >Greater Thought, (and I) have wanted to land an apiary as a client. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with that term, it is essentially a bee farmer. There are a multitude of reasons that we want to build this relationship and while the most obvious involve supporting our pollinators–“saving the bees,” combating climate change, and encouraging biodiversity–this goes even further back for me to my childhood.

As a kid, my grandma taught me an immense amount about gardening. I got out there and helped her dig in the dirt, propagate iris flowers, lilac trees, and various other perennials. She is the reason I feel such a strong connection to the garden, and get almost stir crazy this time of year, as I’ve been deprived of that connection to the earth outside for several months at this point. It’s February and a bit frozen in Minnesota. Anyway… that love of the garden, and all of the flowers and foods that we grow, depend heavily on bees. But beyond that, grandma always had a bottle of raw honey in the lower cabinet that I could reach, even at an early age. So it was front of mind, and I loved honey on buttered toast as a snack. So needless to say, this desire to work with a honey producer, a bee farmer, is a bit of a connection back to my grandma too.

Today, I still keep a stock-pile of honey on hand. I use it in my coffee in place of sugar regularly. It helps minimize my seasonal allergies, and I cook with it too. For another treat, I put a dab of honey in a little whiskey before adding ice. Long story short, my love of honey and bees spans 40-some years and cuts across several aspects of my life and belief system. So for that reason, I have made it our agency’s mission to support this as a cause and to seek out a client that we can help. If you know someone, or you yourself work for an apiary and would like to talk with us about working together, please visit our contact page or email us.

June is National Pollinator Month and August 20th is National Honey Bee Day.