A Website Designed to Bring the Fun!

>Greater Thought was tasked with designing and developing the new Exit 1 Fireworks website. The new website was to be both informational and semi-transactional in nature, featuring a direct product inventory feed from Exit 1’s point of sale system, and includes an appointment scheduling interface. The main goal of the new website was to help streamline back-end management. The site is be future-focused allowing for expansions such as a potential pickup-pick-and-pay-online pick-ticket system.

  • 100% integration with the inventory management system for the store
  • More than 60% of products are cross platform capable
  • Ability to promote individual products
  • Product video examples linking from YouTube
  • Site-wide OPEN/CLOSED visibility

Building Excitement

Exit 1 Fireworks began working with Greater Thought to launch a digital marketing campaign and to help get all of their online outposts in order. Our work with them focused on highlighting all of the occasions that might be more vibrant with fireworks, but also in creating a personality for the brand that captures the mood, the humor and the camaraderie that comes along with fireworks, family and friends. In addition to the social media work, we also assisted them with some store merchandising consultation as well as private label packaging design.


  • Concept development
  • Supporting brand asset design
  • Visual design
  • Content development
  • Digital marketing strategy, calendar, and implementation
  • Digital Sign Design and Programming
  • VIP Program Development and Email Marketing
  • Point of Sale and In store Display/Visual Merchandising
  • Website SEO
  • Online landscape improvements
  • Private label packaging design
  • Product Photography