Fly Fishing Client Wanted

By Mitch Granholm

Greater Thought Managing Partner. 

Have you ever loved something so much it hurts?

That’s how I feel about fly fishing. Another passion I love has been growing >Greater Thought with my partners and friends. >Greater Thought, (and I) would love to combine these two passions and land a fly fishing client such as a fly shop, guiding service or outfitter. There are many reasons why we’d love to build a relationship with a fly fishing client–Growing the sport and preserving our natural resources for future generations are among them.

Years ago after I graduated high school, I moved to Montana for a brief time to live the life of a ski bum.

I worked a job and skied at Big Sky 3 days a week during the 2005/2006 ski season. One day while skiing, I was riding up the Swift Current chairlift (Swifty as the locals call it) with a gentleman who I discovered was the owner of a local fly shop in Big Sky called Wild Trout Outfitters. He told me that I should consider sticking around for the summer to try fly fishing. “Pick up a fly rod and you’ll be hooked for life” he said. After the snow melted and spring runoff subsided, I put away my skis and picked up a fly rod for the first time and never looked back. He was correct. Needless to say, my skis have remained in the garage rafters for many a winter now, traded for summer (and winter) days on the Whitewater River here in Minnesota. Fly fishing has become one of my life passions.

When I’m on the water chasing trout and bass I don’t want it to end.

When I’m not on the water, I tie flies and dream about my next opportunity to go fishing. I’m fortunate to have married someone who shares my passion for the sport. My wife Rachel decided to try fly fishing a few years ago and quickly a fire grew in her about the sport and spending time at the lake or river chasing fish. It has been a joy to watch her grow as a fly fisher and to share this beautiful sport with the person I love most. Fly fishing has changed my life.

It would be a dream come true to work with a fly fishing client.

For that reason, our agency is seeking out a partnership with a client in this vertical that we can help on many fronts such as merchandise, marketing, websites, branding, and strategy. If you know someone, or you yourself work for a fly shop or outfitter and would like to talk with us about some solutions, please visit our contact page or email us.