From Chaos Comes Creativity

By Bryan Mann-Entzel
Creative Lead, Strategist and Brand Storyteller at Greater Thought Marketing+Design

Out of change, chaos and confusion comes innovation.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The notion that ideas are born out of the need for change is not a new one. Throughout history, some of humanities greatest advances have happened at times of need when there was upheaval. The saying “necessity is the mother of invention”, refers to this phenomenon and if you were to look at where the majority of the last 100 years of inventions happened, it would be within a narrow latitude where surviving changing climates and landscapes drove us to develop new and innovative solutions to survival.

New companies are born.

Economic and political change is also a catalyst for innovation, and you have to look no further than every downturn in the economy or every major change in administration. The number of new companies that were started jumps. Throughout Covid-19, the disruption and chaos created a distinct and almost immediate need for new thinking and that too is how this company was born. From the need to provide a more balanced and mindful solution that focuses on creating work that reaches people, is where we started with our efforts. In fact, almost half a million new businesses were started during the pandemic. So I say it again, out of change, chaos and confusion, comes innovation and >greater-thought.

Let’s take a look at another new-comer,
RN360° Media.

The need to demonstrate spaces, experiences and way-finding in the age of information is evolving before our eyes.

Add to that the post-Covid evolution in how we experience things and you have the makings for exactly what our clients at RN360° Media grabbed onto and ran with. Take a look at the work we developed with them and while you are at their website, click on one or two of their portfolio examples. Truly an innovative and modern way to showcase a business or destination!

Here’s a detailed look at the work performed for RN360° Media.