Celebrate our pollinators!

Ahh June, the start of summer and we are finally able to enjoy getting outdoors.

It is also notably National Pollinators Month where we celebrate and recognize the necessity of the bees, butterflies and moths that help us produce many key crops. >Greater Thought is passionate about helping to raise awareness of the threat these pollinators face with regard to chemical pesticides, loss of habitat, loss of foraging areas and climate change effecting their delicate existence. The reality of the threat they face, means a threat to our own ways of life too, should we begin seeing a reduced yield of the crops they help to pollinate. More than 75% of all flowering plants need help with pollination. Fruiting trees, strawberries, grapes, to name a few could be adversely effected without the help from a healthy and plentiful pollinator population.

What can you do to help? That is where we would like to offer a few simple tips.

  1. Avoid or reduce use of herbicide and insecticides on your plants, lawns and gardens; particularly broad spectrum chemicals like Round-up.
  2. Plant native-style flowering plants like Bee-Balm, Cone Flower, Black-Eyed Susans, Sedum, and Milk Weed.
  3. Buy organic foods, because these crops are grown with stricter standards and are supporting a typically chemical free grower.
  4. Placing a shallow watering tray with water and rocks out for the pollinators. All living creatures drink water and it can be scarce for them.
  5. Consider ways of reducing your carbon footprint such as driving less, driving fuel efficient vehicle.
  6. Don’t rush to eradicate your dandelions. Instead, consider dead-heading them, removing the seeds in early spring/summer.

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